Good day

15 Jan

So today has been on plan and I got a brand new phone so I am super happy

I got a brand new iPhone 7 plus and it is amazing. Its fucking huge but it’s amazing. I have to use both hands to use it, I am gonna be using it all week and doing a full review with pics etc soon.

Now back to slimming world. After losing 2lbs last week I am super motivated to carry on this momentum. Myself and a couple of amazing women I have come to know online are going to be starting the 30 day shred. I don’t want to. I watched it today and it looks horrible but it needs to be done. So if anyone sees me limping about Norfolk it’s cos I ache from exercise

To be continued


the night before

13 Jan

tomorrow is weigh day. I have been so good this week that if I don’t have a loss tomorrow I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

we have friends round today for lunch so I didn’t have breakfast apart from a coffee. lunch was a mezze of goodies so I tried to be on plan.

salad. 4 ryvita (b) reduced fat hummus (4) small stick of garlic flat bread (5)

for dinner I made a recipe from the comfort food book and good God it was amazing. hoppin John. which is rice cooked in stock with onion and bay leaf and garlic and cajun seasoning and then black beans and shredded ham hock and then veggies. I added half my healthy a cheese and fuck a duck it was amazing. I even remembered to take a picture.

seriously it was amazing. I know it’s gonna be added to our rotation of yummy dinners. I’m currently sat having a beer (8) and a rice crispy cake the girls made (5). I know I’m over in syns today but I’m hoping it won’t hurt tomorrows result as I have been completely on plan all week except for tonight. so…….


11 Jan

I missed a day. balls. I remembered about 2am but thought fuck it.

so it’s Thursday today and my 4th day fully on plan no slip ups. I’ve written down everything in my princess planner diary and feel so motivated this week. I didn’t manage day 2 of couch to 5 k as it was super rainy and cold but I am doing 30 mins on my wii fit a night which I love ♥️

so today’s food has been as follow

b – 2 apples and a muller light. lemon water and a decaf coffee.

l – 200g of filled pasta 9 syns with one slice of low fat garlic bread (3.5)

d – salad and homemade burgers and chips. free.

today i also switched to online from group membership so I’m all paid up until mid April.

I really feel good about this and am so excited to see how much I can lose.


ooh another good one

9 Jan

brekkie. – muller light lemon water and a decaf coffee (1 syn for milk)

lunch – pasta n sauce (2.5syns) green beans and an apple

dinner – lemon chicken, green beans, peas, baby corn, rice and sweet potato. sweet chilli sauce (1 syn)

been such a good food day and I’ve still got loads of syns left for a snack when we watch telly tonight. I’m also gonna get my wii fit out and see if the scales say the same as the boots ones so I can weigh for free

also gonna do some step while watching TV.

I’m feeling super motivated and mega happy that I don’t ache today after last night’s run.

another day ending on a


I did a run…

8 Jan

it’s Monday.

brekkie – cup of hot water and lemon.

2 apples – speed

muller light

lunch – pasta n sauce Mac n cheese 3.5 syns

baby corn – speed

dinner- shepherds pie – 1 syn. half healthy b. peas and green beans -speed

muller light. chocolate chips (3 syns). baby bell. (other half of healthy b)

so I’ve had a brilliant day on plan

no slip up or sneaky cakes falling into my crumb hatch.

this evening I decided I would start the couch to 5k. it’s 4 degrees. it’s windy as fuck.

I got my running stuff out, shoe horned myself into the leggings and put on the ugliest running shoes in the history of the world. downloaded the app, sorted a play list and ran a bath ready for when I got home (the girls would be asleep so didn’t want to wake them)

I stepped out into the street and the wind hit me in the face like a wet fish. I pressed go on my phone and jo wiley started talking me through the pod cast. it starts with a 5 min walk followed by a 60 second run then 90 second walk

repeat 7 times. I managed all but the last one. I had my dinner a bit late and by this point feared I might vomit out my shepherds pie.

but I did it. I fucking did it!!’

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!

weigh day

7 Jan

so today was my first proper weigh day on the little machine thing in boots.

I had my period this week so I was expecting a gain despite being not too bad with food. we were going to lunch with bens parents and sister so we popped into boots on the way.

I stayed the same.

so not the end of the world but not brilliant. I’ve got my meal plan for the week all set out so I know what I’m having and I feel really positive. my horrible anxiety bubble has lifted a little so I’m looking forward to having a busy week of seeing friends and filming videos and healthy eating.

how has your week been?



6 Jan

bens off work. I ate all the food.


weigh day tomorrow

wish me luck